“Aneta Torchia creates a powerful story of a game-changing world gone awry, and a girl's difficult options... The Prism sets the stage for what looks to be an extraordinary trilogy steeped in life-changing decisions and glimpses of life's meaning and purpose.”

-Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“The Prism intersects fantasy, thriller, and paranormal themes so seamlessly…readers are treated to a vivid tale that sparkles with unexpected angles and encounters…

[R]eaders seeking fantasies that intersect nicely with thriller components, interpersonal relationships that teeter on the edge of disaster, and explorations of spiritual and metaphysical influences on the world will find The Prism a compelling adventure and a thought-provoking journey.”

-D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services


“The Prism is an immersive book that will transport you to another world. Beautifully descriptive. It is a perfect blend of fantasy and mystery. It sucks you in from the first page and keeps you guessing. Can’t wait for book 2!”

-Amazon Reader

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