The Great Stuffy Takeover

Illustrated by Max Coutard

The Great Stuffy Takeover is a fun story both parents and kids can relate to. Tessa and Emma adore their stuffed animals and have acquired quite a few over the years. But it's not long before their house is completely overrun and the toy collection is out of control! Can the family find a solution and learn some valuable lessons along the way?

The Great Stuffy Takeover provides a fun and exaggerated take on a familiar problem for many young families: growing piles of beloved plush toys! Children often form strong connections to their favourite stuffed animals. These precious toy collections have important roles to play; they provide children with comfort and companionship, and give them a way to build confidence, develop imagination, and practice social skills. The book teaches children how to love their toys while setting limits, maintaining balance, keeping their space tidy, and working together toward solutions. Full of colour, and some fun imagery and rhymes, it's a book both parents and kids can relate to.

Beautifully illustrated by Max Coutard (

Published by The Luminary Press

Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook, 1st edition