I provide editing services for various written work, including professional documents, and fiction/non-fiction manuscripts and query letters. See below for a list of editorial services.

  • Editorial Assessment - a review of manuscript with feedback on structure, plot, characters, style, etc. An editorial assessment is intended to give the author a sense of the book's strengths and any areas that need improvement.

  • Copy Editing - editing that improves prose and ensures a consistent style throughout the manuscript.

  • Proofreading - a thorough review of the book to correct for minor errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling.

  • Query Letter Review - to ensure that a query letter is strong and presents the book in a favourable way to a potential literary agent or publisher.

To obtain a quote, submit your request and details using the contact form on the Contact page. Please include the length of your document, type of work for review, type of review required, and desired timeline. A free consultation is also available to discuss service options in greater detail.

Also available for school and library visits, and book readings. Please contact for pricing information.

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open book lot