The Prism

Book 1 of The Prism Series

What if your mind had the power to access another world?

In modern day Paris, Everest Cleary battles her inner demons and tragic past while hiding a mysterious and destructive power she possesses. She has no idea that she's being monitored by a secret global order, and that despite her threatening 'frequency' it allows her to live.

When her power helps her access a parallel utopian world called the Prism, Everest gains an extraordinary second life, shaped by what her mind can conceive. Suddenly, she finds adventure, a sense of belonging, and a chance at love.

But her new reality comes with secrets and conditions for returning. As Everest alternates between her two worlds and tries to unravel the Prism's mysteries, she comes to know the true ruthlessness of the Order. For this ancient puppet-master seeks something the Prism conceals, something that could cripple humanity in the wrong hands - something they believe Everest can find. And they'll stop at nothing to acquire it!

When the scales tip against her, Everest is unprepared for the devastation and heartbreak that follows and struggles with the darkening of her own soul.

The Prism is the first book of The Prism series.

Published by The Luminary Press

Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook, 1st edition

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